Code Research & Permit Acquisitions

Licensing Your Future Success

In theory, creating a sign seems as if it’s a simple process: you find a creative sign company, and then ask them to help you create a customized sign that fits your company’s ideals. However, in Florida, the process is a bit more complicated than you may have thought. That’s because, in order to fabricate and install signage in Florida, a sign company must hold a Florida Certified Sign Specialty Contractor License.

Thankfully, SignCorp Inc. can help you turn your sign vision into a reality. That’s because we are one of the few Florida sign companies that has put in the dedication and hard work to earn the proper licensing to legally assist you with any and all of your signage needs. In fact, our license number ES12000111 is the key to making your sign vision a reality.

Sign Licensing 101

Many Florida residents do not realize just how important it is to secure a permit for their signage project. If a sign company does not hold the proper state license and local approval is not obtained, then your company’s sign cannot be legally installed.

Additionally, securing a permit requires thoroughly reviewing municipal sign ordinance and ensuring that your future sign meets the requirements outlined in the code. Keep in mind that it’s important to secure a sign permit in a timely fashion, providing clients with hassle-free installation and the elimination of costly code compliance mistakes that may hinder the sign process.

SignCorp Has the Golden Ticket

In Florida, a sign license is the golden ticket. That’s because no sign company can create the sign that their client desires unless they hold the hard-to-earn license that SignCorp does, in fact, have. With that being said, our company’s Florida Certified Sign Specialty Contractor License ES12000111 has enabled us to secure hundreds of sign permits each year.

Our project managers are experienced in performing the necessary research and reviewing all of the zoning codes in your area, to guarantee that your signage project will meet the legal requirements in your municipality.

From remaining within local area code requirements to adhering to preset code compliances, SignCorp has the industry expertise and local knowledge to assist you with your signage needs. Our team performs the necessary research to determine what guidelines must be followed and handles the hassle of applying for and obtaining any necessary permits before the construction of your sign begins. Even more, our team’s knowledge of specific code requirements allows us to apply for your sign permit with confidence, knowing that it will be approved, and helping to keep your sign project progressing smoothly.

Certification of Services

Our permit acquisitions and code research services include:

  • Nationwide code review
  • Meetings with Community Appearance Boards when required
  • Negotiate signage with municipality
  • Complete and submit variance applications when required
  • Complete and submit building permit applications
  • Complete and submit electrical permit applications
  • Record notice of commencement
  • Provide engineering
  • …And more!

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