Our Sign-Making Process

Services From A to Z for All of Your Sign Needs

There are many steps that go into creating a sign that effectively encompasses your business’ character, while retaining its customer-driven appeal. Many business owners envision sign making to be a simple task, that is, until they partake in the process. It is then that they realize creating a custom made sign is, in fact, a very detail-oriented and thorough procedure. That means that there are many steps that are necessary for a sign to be envisioned and illustrated, permitted, fabricated and properly installed.

Sign Making 101

To simplify the process, the SignCorp Inc. team likes to relate our process to creating an art project.

The Supplies

Before any great project can begin, the proper supplies must be gathered. When referencing the sign-making process, the client’s specific sign needs are the supplies, and the project manager is responsible for gathering them. That’s why, as a SignCorp client, you receive your own project manager that is dedicated to your project, from beginning to end. From overseeing day-to-day communications, to coordinating all of the necessary details to fabricate and install your sign, our project managers are focused on the needs of your company and the accurate, yet timely production of your sign.

The Idea

The supplies are gathered, but now, it’s time to discuss what can be created with the information that your project manager has obtained. Our innovative professionals will put their thinking caps on and illustrate an idea that is customized to your particular needs and your business’ personality. Then, once you feel you are satisfied with the visualization of our sign concept, we work endlessly to take that vision and turn it into a reality through our creative and professional sign design services.

Creating the Project

After the vision is finalized, it’s time to bring your sign to life. Through SignCorp’s sign fabrication services, our skilled fabricators will use our artistically and innovatively drawn illustration that’s customized for your business, and turn it into a 3-D sign that you’ll love—and that customers will respond to.

Mounting Your Artwork

It’s important to know that, in Florida, before your sign can be installed, a permit must be secured. That means if you hire a sign company that lacks the proper licensing, you are hiring a company that is incapable and legally unable to get the job done. However, at SignCorp, we hold the proper license to give your dream the structure it needs. Our license enables us to secure the permits needed to ensure that nothing stands in the way of obtaining and displaying the sign you’ve always wanted.

Now, all of the hard work has been completed, and it’s time to show your sign off to your community. From wall signs to electronic messaging centers, the SignCorp team is equipped to expertly install your sign.

Ensure That Your Art Has Long-lasting Beauty

Your sign has been created and it is on display for all Florida residents to see; however, you’re not done with SignCorp yet. In fact, because of our team’s dedication to keeping your sign in peak condition, as long as your sign still stands, so does our relationship. Over time, signs have a natural tendency to lose their eye-popping appearance; unless, of course, they are properly maintained. Luckily, the SignCorp team has your back. Our maintenance services ensure that your sign will continuously catch your customers’ attention and retain its illumination, structure, and overall functionality.