Post & Panel Signs

Driving the Stakes of Success Into Your Business

When choosing which type of sign to erect for their company, business owners must weigh whether their signage must attract new customers or make it easier for existing customers to navigate their way to the company’s building.

But if you’re struggling to decide your sign’s goal, then you’re in luck: a post and panel sign can achieve both objectives.

The team at SignCorp Inc. will go to the stake for your company. This means designing and fabricating the post and panel sign your business needs to boost your brand’s awareness within your Central Florida community. You see, post and panel signs are the economical and creatively versatile solution to meet—and exceed—your company’s external signage needs. So, if you’re looking to stand out from the crowd, while keeping within your company’s budget, a post and panel sign may be the choice for you.

Raise the Design Stakes

You may ask yourself: What makes post and panel signs so special? Well for starters, this product is deceptively simple in its construction. With two posts holding a panel between them, this sign’s structure encourages a more flexible design. And, with numerous options and looks, there is no limit to the customization possibilities. This is largely why post and panel signs are the most widely used type of exterior signage.

There’s no doubt that your community will be drawn to your post and panel sign. That’s because your sign can be customized beyond just its face. This includes adding:

  • Ornate add-ons
  • Decorative post caps
  • Post toppers
  • Pockets for brochures
  • Attachable information bars
  • Landscape lighting for nighttime visibility
  • Claw feet
  • Intricately carved finials
  • …And so much more!

And best of all, you can customize your post and panel sign to coordinate with the area around your business or to match your building. Doing so requires choosing the right design and material for your sign. Thankfully, post and panel signs can be crafted in a variety of durable and long-lasting sign materials such as PVC, wood and aluminum.

The Post & Panel Sign Stake Out

In Florida, post and panel signs are the customizable, budget-friendly and durable sign choice for community organizations, property managers and business owners across varying industries. These signs can help your guests find the specific unit or building they are looking for—and accomplish this task in an attractive manner. This is important for large complexes and offices with several tenants.

Post and panel signs also can serve to guide traffic to your property. This is important for establishments that sit back from the road or buildings that cannot be seen quickly and easily. Even more, when designed in a creative manner, these signs are guaranteed to leave a good first impression on new customers before they even step foot in your door.

More specifically, post and panel signs work well for the following:

  • Lighted box pylon signs for strip malls
  • Directional signs on your property
  • Pole signs for big box stores and shopping malls
  • Business directories
  • Temporary real estate signs
  • Construction site and development signage
  • …And so much more!

Pull Up the Stakes on Your Old Signage Ways

Whether the purpose of your post and panel sign is to creatively capture the attention of passersby or guide customers to your company’s door, the team at SignCorp can nail the look and feel of the sign you envision while guaranteeing its effectiveness to inform, advertise or direct traffic to your building.

Our sign designers and fabricators have years of creative expertise and mastery of innovatively designed signs, so they are uniquely qualified to add flare to your business. In fact, we promise that your final sign product will attract new customers to your business, while establishing a sense of trustworthiness and professionalism for your company at first glance.

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